Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Below is a list of the most commonly-asked questions from our members and guests, and it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the information on how our program works, what it can do for your business, and what the benefits of being a member are.
We update the questions several times each month, according to frequently ask questions by our customers.


We are here to help you avoid making the same mistakes most people make in their business journey.  Some mistakes, we were “thinking” that every service wanted us to grow but were giving us information that only applied to certain types of businesses. Every lender doesn’t fund to your type of business. Have you yet to wonder why some businesses get denied and some approved? Some of the mistakes we didn’t realize we were getting charged for services that should have been free but was very costly. Some services, the greed was overwhelming to turn around and still then have to learn HOW to do the process on your own. Should people get paid for their time? Of course, and you are a small business and every dime should be utilized effectively where you do not walk away feeling lost. We created a membership that is very user friendly and will give you knowledge and resources at your business level.

No, you do not have to purchase unwanted items to obtain credit with us, but you do have to pay your monthly membership in order to keep your line of credit and access to our resources.

After you join our membership, you will have access to our free business center resources, access to products according to your membership, and access to utilize your line of credit to purchase our products and services. (optional)

Price4less is a one stop business resource company. Helping companies from start up to seasoned businesses, Price4less for a small monthly membership price offer a Net30 and Net60 account with an automatic approval of a business line of credit up to $3,500 that can either be used on our store products and or phone business consultations. Use the credit to purchase whatever you like on our website. 

People must realize that it takes more than just obtaining business credit, but payment history is needed and way more resources and knowledge  to run a business. Everything need to be professional and organized.

Most failures come from lack of knowledge.  So, most people do not know where to go and get professional services and information at a reasonable price. The difference from Price4less than other companies is they offer way more other type of business resources, payment history  and offering over 50 business resources which include but are not limited to TRADEMARK ATTORNEYS, WEB DESIGN SERVICES, BUSINESS TAX SERVICES, PERSONAL AND BUSINESS FUNDING ,INVESTORS, ACCOUNTANTS, BUSINESS FILING FORMS, SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT, COMMERCIAL VIDEOS,  BUSINESS CREDIT "HOW TO" TEMPLATES  WITH STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS AND MUCH, MUCH MORE, ALL AT AN UNBEATABLE PRICES OR FOR FREE.

As far as their memberships, they offer products that are geared to your actual business level to make sure you do not get confused along the way. Once you complete that membership, you can progress to the next level at your own pace.

So, for clarity, they have a business resource center and membership products that you will have access to by having a monthly membership that comes with a line of credit to assist you with any product or service of your interest starting at $17.21 a month. 

After you join and pay for the membership, you will be emailed a username and a password (check your spam). Log in and go to my products and then you can access all products and also have access to the business center.

Our program is to help all companies for an affordable price. We were faced with signing up for some companies but we just could not afford their "help". Not only that,  after researching what many of them "guaranteed" they could do for us was actually the same information floating around the internet with no instructions.

Each membership is affordable and includes actual documents with instructions for you to follow at your actual business level.  We were noticing that in some classes you were paying for information you didn't need, outdated, or information that doesn't even apply to you at all because of your business level.

Each subscription provides unique benefits that let you choose what kind of help you'd like from us at a price that won't make you lay awake at night thinking about it. You can always do this on your own, just like we did, but we prefer to provide you with a low-priced alternative that lets you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes we made along the way just so that you get it right the first time.

No problem….Sign up for our beginner’s plan and get all the step by step instructions on what to do to build your foundation for your business the right way. Once you get the business information you will need to then update your information immediately. When you sign up, just complete the information you have  and once you obtain all your business information, you will have access to come back and update the information. Don’t worry, the information we provide you, your foundation will be built in 7 business days. The other option would be to pay us to build your foundation for you by clicking here 

The answer is yes


Not one individual can tell you that any type of credit tradeline is pointless. No one knows your business future nor your type of business to give you that type of information and no one knows EVERY lender criteria. Business Policies change daily.
Example: Dun and Bradstreet lost their contract with the government this year. So if you were given advice to focus only on D&B because your business is geared only to government contracts, then focusing only on Dun and Bradstreet would have been bad advice. What if creditsafe was the new contract bureau for the government? You should be obtaining credit from all business bureaus ( Experian, Ansonia, Creditsafe, Equifax, and Cortera).
Again, do not allow anyone to give you advice without them knowing your full business venture or the future.
Every tradeline can be reported to EVERY business bureau, even our line of credit. We will show you how in our membership services.
This is the separation of knowledge that our company offer that most don’t tell you in order to keep partnerships with companies for their own monetary gain. All business bureaus are good to have because of what your future may entail for YOUR business.
Do not allow other companies to discourage you from our services, especially if it’s a company that offer business building services. We are a business resource center that will help you in all types of ways to help your business. These people/companies discredits companies as a form of competition.

We don't really place much in the way of limitations on how we serve our members who use our telephone and email-based support services, because we recognize that every situation is unique. But to answer your question, some of the most common requests we receive include:

  • How to clear up mistakes or the best route to go in certain situations for the best results
  • Questions to answers on our F.A.Q. page.

These are just a few ideas, of course. It is important to note that we cannot and do not provide legal, accounting, or tax advice, since we are not accountants or lawyers, In such cases we may speak in generalities, but we always caution that you should seek expert professional advice before doing anything. Still, we will do all we can to inform and point you in the right direction to solve your issue or achieve your goal.

Each subscription plan on our membership page has all information that will be included in that plan. Also, you will have access to our free business center resources.

While we always hope it won't be the case, there will times when someone decides to discontinue their membership for one reason or another, and we understand. There is no penalty for cancelling, and you can do so at any time.

 Just remember, your subscription includes a line of credit with us, and it can be reported to the business bureaus. That's all there is to it. Business credit you establish but don't use on a regular basis have less and less positive effect on your business credit score over time. Being able to show recent activity gives you the greatest effect.

Example: if you choose the $33.33 “Headed to the top plan” and need one hour of phone consultation time. Those additional hours are billed at the rate of $35.00 per half hour against your plan's credit line. So, in this example we would invoice you on a NET-30 basis for the 1 hours for a total of $70.00, and this activity is reported within that month's reporting cycle. Therefore, you will have a $1,500 credit limit with $103.33 balance. ($70.00 + $33.33). Without the phone consultant time, you will be billed only $33.33.

Obviously the first and most important distinction between 30, 60, and 90-day payment terms is how long you get to pay your invoices from the date they're generated, so the longer the better, as long as there are no fees or interest charges associated with having longer terms